Erik Spoelstra is off the market.

Asked about the coolest thing he did this summer on the debut of Izzy and Ethan on 790 The Ticket, Spo dropped the bomb at the end of the interview.

“The coolest thing I did this summer, without a doubt, I got engaged.”

Then the two-time champion head coach hung up, just as he said he would before answering.

Presumably, though not confirmed by Spo, it’s to longtime girlfriend Nikki Sapp, a former Miami Heat dancer.

floridian vibes🌴

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It’s not nearly as interesting as popping the question, but Spo also expressed how strange it was to end last season months earlier than usual after going to four consecutive NBA Finals.

“We’re not used to having our season end in the middle of April and obviously that’s a good thing,” he said. “If you have a summer like this, you can’t have too many of these in a row in this profession so you try to take advantage of it.

“We feel 13 months later after all the changes that we have a team that the city can be proud of.”

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