It was a brutal Sunday for Miami Dolphins fans, especially for the ones who sacrificed their dollars and soul to watch the Gigli of NFL franchises along with the player’s wife who was pinned to the pavement by police BEFORE kickoff.

Partially renovated stadium or not — though the changes are only truly felt for the extremely wealthy — this was not the game Stephen Ross envisioned to open a “new era” of Dolphins football. Everything went up in flames after the pregame fireworks.

Once the game clock began to tick, the Dolphins went full-Dolphins, taking whatever fan hope was remaining after losing to Jacksonville and stuffing it in a blender… and then a food processor… and then taking those little remnants and flushing it down the toilet just to be sure no hope could ever find a way to rise during the 2015 season.

Fans at the stadium were in true form.

Props to Busted Coverage for some assistance.

Exhibit A: The Screamer

Fooling #dolphinsgame

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To mad!!! #dolphinsgame

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Exhibit B: The Gentleman

#merica #dolphins

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Dude, Flutie hasn’t played in an NFL game for a decade.

Exhibit C: The Fingerer

#miamidolphins #firephilbin

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Exhibit C: The Guy Who Kinda Looks Like Mike Tannenbaum Calling People “Fucking Suck Heads”

#WORLDSTAR! #buffalobills #miamidolphins @realwshh !!

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Exhibit D: The Cueball Stripper

This is the shit you see at a Dolphins game ????? #shirtless #sundayfootball #miamidolphins #losing #nothappy

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Exhibit E: The Billionaire

I'm glad he is a fan. #buffet #dolphinsgame #billions

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Pick a new team, Buffett. Or buy one. Not this one, though.

Exhibit F: Shane Battier?

Let's go Dolphins !!! #dolphinsgame #finsup

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Exhibit G: Child Abuser

😍😍😍😍 Cutest Litto Football Baby I've Ever Seen!! #SoInLove #MyNephew #BabyJoey #DolphinsBaby #HeOwnsMy💗

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There’s 32 teams to choose from.

Exhibit H: The Puker

Oh what a day–WHAT A LOVELY DAY.

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