“Fire Al Golden” banners are so furious, so persistent, they even fly among the clouds in Cincinnati, above Nippert Stadium where the Bearcats and Hurricanes will clash on Thursday night.

If you’re counting, that makes four banners in four games.

The message? “I flew 1124 miles just to say #FireAlGolden”

Using your dispensable (or indispensable) income on a “Fire Al Golden” banner may be among the dumbest strategies one could have in trying to galvanize change at the top of one’s favorite football program, but at least the message is getting a tad more creative.

Last week: “C’mon #FireAlGolden These Banners Are Expensive”

Don’t expect this road-game banner frenzy to halt anytime soon, with one already set to fly in Tallahassee next weekend…

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