Nothing is what it seems in this lovely world of ours.

Miami-based pornstar Mia Khalifa — the self-proclaimed “unofficial mascot of the Florida State Seminoles” — might be a fraud as far as her college football allegiances are concerned.

With the Miami Hurricanes traveling to Tallahassee to take on the Seminoles this Saturday night, a tipster decided it was a perfect time to send us the above picture of Khalifa wearing a Canes hat. We’re not 100-percent certain it’s real, but it doesn’t appear to be photoshopped. We also want to believe it’s real in this bandwagon society of sports fans we have.

For those pointing it says “Miami” and may not necessarily be a Canes hat, this is not the case.

Could she just be a bandwagon FSU fan? She didn’t join the porn industry until Fall 2014, according to her Wikipedia page — coincidentally during Jameis Winston’s reign of terror with the Seminoles thriving. Meanwhile Al Golden has had his sweaty hands choking the life out of the once prestigious Hurricanes program for the last five years, though it feels like 10…

SHAME on you, Mia Khalifa.

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