Bill Simmons’ new podcast is up and running and the ESPN-turned-HBO sports personality got into some Miami Dolphins talk with Cousin Sal.

“I’ll tell you that Jarvis Landry — I’m sure he’s good,” Simmons said. “At some point he’s gonna find the right quarterback and situation.”


“That guy’s a beast. Tannehill was — I’ve never seen anything like whatever their offense was in that game. Apparently they don’t allow him to audible. So the Jets were just putting seven, eight guys on the line and you knew he was gonna get blitzed and they didn’t have receivers that could get open other than Landry and he would just run backwards and throw the ball off his back foot. It was the worst thing I’ve ever seen. Terrible.”

[It starts at the 30:45 mark]

For all of Simmons’ anti-Miami venom he’s spewed over the years, especially in regards to the LeBron Era of Heat basketball, he’s 100-percent right on this one.

How the hell has Ryan Tannehill not been allowed to audible at the line?

He’s an NFL quarterback — a smart one, at that — and he can’t change the play after seeing the alignment of the defense pre-snap?

Hopefully Dan Campbell nixes that insanity real quick or he’s not going to make it through a season with his starting quarterback’s limbs intact.

This team continues to make me drink.

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