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The following was submitted by a real Dolphins fan yearning for a place to vent.

Welcome to the #FreeLamar Movement

Miami Dolphins fans, I’m making a public service announcement now that Joe Philbum — excuse me — Philbin is gone. I want to bring some life back into this team, some excitement, some juice that was so obviously missing with Philbin at the helm. I mean how did we survive years of this?

I see more excitement and coherency out of a group of eight guys getting denied at LIV on a Saturday night.

At least the bro who thought it was a good idea to try to get in will eventually admit that it was his fault for even bringing up the idea!

Let us now move on to the movement that will save the Dolphins season, that will inject life back into the offense, that will lead the Dolphins back to the Promised Land, the #freelamar movement.

What is the #freelamar movement you ask? It’s a movement to allow our contract-year running back, who has shown flashes of elite talent, to put the offense on his back and earn his money. This is a movement about US as fans and what we deserve! The #freelamar movement is about an equal opportunity for our running back to get us down the field and into the end zone more than once every four games.

As I’m sure you haven’t noticed, the movement has already been quietly gaining steam on Twitter. It’s obvious that fans, upset with the status quo, are pushing the Dolphins to adapt to a more run-heavy attack as opposed to watching Ryan Tannehill pray he can get a pass off before getting eaten by an opposing defensive line.

With a simple search on twitter, and after filtering out all of the “get people out of prison” references, it’s easy to see that the movement is rising.

I ask you as Dolphins fans to join along. Dan “Ditch Digging” Campbell is the man to bring this movement to light and it seems he is ready to #freelamar.

“I was definitely a grunt,” Campbell said in an old interview on the Dolphins’ website. “I think you can say that I was a ditch digger. In college, we were a run the ball on first, second and third down team. We occasionally ran a play-action pass and then punted it and let the defense win the game. I always thought of myself as somebody that was hard-nosed. I always wanted to be an extension of the offensive line. I always thought of myself as a smaller tackle and I wanted to play that way.”

I agree Dan! #freelamar on 1st down. #freelamar on 2nd down. And if we even have any 3rd downs, #freelamar there too! I even believe that we can #freelamar on 4th down when the circumstances allow, but we’ll ask Coach Campbell about that at his next press conference.

It even appears Lamar Miller himself is a part of the #freelamar movement (even though he forgot to hashtag it)

So keep tweeting and posting Dolphins fans! And don’t forget your #freelamar hashtags. Don’t be left behind when next week Lamar Miller goes for 150 yards and a touchdown en route to a Dolphins victory. The bandwagon has already started its engine and there’s stil plenty of room.


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