Angela Woodward is the Florida Woman who blew over FOUR times the legal limit when taking breathalyzer tests at Clermont elementary school.

Why an elementary school? Because she was there to PICK UP HER CHILD of course, via the Orlando Sentinel:

The dismissal bell was delayed at a Clermont elementary school Wednesday because of an intoxicated parent in the pickup line, according to a sheriff’s arrest report.

Angela Woodward, 37, blew five times over the legal limit of 0.08 when she consented to two Breathalyzer tests at the Lake County Jail, deputies said. She blew a 0.38 and 0.412, records say.

0.4? Let’s check out the BAC chart:


When deputies arrived at Grassy Lake Elementary School, 1100 Fosgate Road, they were directed to Woodward’s vehicle. When she got out of her vehicle, she was unstable on her feet, and officers escorted her to a patrol car, deputies said.

Deputies transported a handcuffed Woodward to the jail, where she told deputies she couldn’t remember how much she drank or when she started drinking.

This is why America is dying. Folks like Angela should not be allowed to procreate. Poor kid.

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