This isn’t particularly newsworthy, being that it came out of Dan Campbell’s mouth over three years ago, but it’s funny in hindsight.

During the Miami Dolphins Hard Knocks finale from 2012 (Year 1 of the Joe Philbin Era), Campbell is quoted as giving tremendous praise to Pat Devlin, Miami’s fourth-string quarterback in the preseason.

“Tony Romo, baby,” Dolphins QB coach Zac Taylor said in a positional meeting. “Campbell, when we’re in our staff meeting, he said this kid reminds me of Romo, I’m just telling ya.”

Devlin still has yet to throw a pass in an NFl regular season game. After brief stints with the Vikings, Bears, and Browns, he is currently a free agent.

Romo is four-time Pro Bowler who is second all-time in passer rating.

This is one comparison Campbell wishes he can have back.

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