You can feel the collective brows of Heat Nation rising.

Carmelo Anthony to South Beach Miami?

Bill Simmons discussed the potential blockbuster deal with guest Joe House on his new podcast while previewing the NBA season (33-minute mark).

The meat of the discussion is transcribed below:

House: “I haven’t sat down with the trade machine to make this work but I think he’s going to the Miami Heat. It’s what I think and there are title odds for the Miami Heat on this little basis that make me hungry…”

Simmons: “You’re saying like Luol Deng… Josh McRoberts’ contract, Justise Winslow.”

House: “Yes exactly. This is the deal.”

Joe House is drunk.

First, giving up a young, promising and cheap asset like Winslow for Melo and the $102 million remaining on his contract (through 2019) would be highly unlikely for three reasons: (1) it kills Miami’s cap flexibility next summer; (2) Anthony is 31 and Miami’s core isn’t exactly young; (3) Anthony is a one-dimensional player who destroys ball movement .

Besides, the aforementioned deal doesn’t work in line with NBA rules. Miami would have to throw in an additional expiring contract like Mario Chalmers ($4.3 million).

Peg the possibility of this happening at 0.5 percent. Riley loves making the big splash but he also doesn’t make stupid ones.

For what it’s worth, Simmons says he thinks Melo is headed to Chicago, which seems more plausible.

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