That chode-looking SEC blowhard Paul Finebaum is ruffling feathers again, this time leaping off the top rope with the Miami Hurricanes football program and its fans in his sights.

“I think Miami is just an absolutely terrible job,” Finebaum said on ESPN Radio. “I think this program is bankrupt. I think it has a delusional fan base, thinking that this is the 80s and 90s… I don’t get it, I don’t know why any coach in their right mind would want this job.

“I’d like to know who you’re talking about because what legitimate coach would walk in there with one of the worst stadiums in America, with no fan base whatsoever unless they can be a proven winner — which they can’t be — on Day 1? Al Golden was a good hire and he failed miserably.”

Maybe if Pauly took a second to remove Nick Saban‘s ass from his lips he’d realize the ignorant twaddle he’s spewing.

  1. There’ no shame on fans not supporting a shitty program. Would you see a movie in theaters that received one star? Football is entertainment.
  2. The ACC Coastal may be the weakest division of the power conferences, thus making the road to a conference title and possible playoff berth significantly easier. This is enticing.
  3. South Florida is the most fertile recruiting land on earth.
  4. Miami has star at quarterback in Brad Kaaya in his primal junior year.

Thankfully Chuck Todd has our backs.

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