Fox Sports college football insider Bruce Feldman, a well-connected University of Miami alum, provided an update on 790 The Ticket’s Izzy and Ethan on some of the bigger names in play for the Miami Hurricanes in their search for a new head coach.

Back in October Feldman listed Mario Cristobal and Rob Chudzinski as his top two guys — in that order.

Butch Davis

“From what I had heard over the weekend from a source that he was seen as more of a ‘fallback option.’ Now what I was told was there are a couple of money people at UM that Butch has cultivated who really are pushing for him but then on the flip side there’s still some resistance at UM with some key people who say even though they know Butch was not directly implicated in the scandal at North Carolina… they are concerned about his connection to John Blake, who really became the fall guy for that mess at the center of it.”

Mario Cristobal

Pros: “The appeal is you have a guy who last year was the national recruiter of the year while at Alabama and I think people know that when they look around and see guys at Florida State and guys at Florida and guys certainly at Alabama who are South Florida kids, and they say those kids should’ve been at Miami. Now you can’t keep them all. The idea that they’re gonna lock down the whole state of South Florida gain. That’s wishful thinking but that’s probably pie in the sky. That’s not happening… The idea is to get more than your share. Here’s a guy who is as plugged in as anybody in coaching right now to what is going on in South Florida recruiting…. I think the things he does bring though is he understands what Miami is about because he grew up there, he played there, he was an assistant there and I think he gets the place. Al Golden — I think that was a disconnect there in a lot of ways.”

Cons: “When he lost his last season at FIU and he got fired, people are gonna point to that. They are gonna say he didn’t have a great overall record. Now part of that — I think a big part of that — is they were so bad, what he inherited but you match his record up against let’s say Tom Herman at Houston, who’s gonna be 12-0 at the end of the season probably, it’s not gonna look the same. I think there’s guys out there like that who are gonna have much more impressive winning percentages, I’m just not sure they’re gonna be as invested or connected to Miami the way Cristobal is.”

Charlie Strong

“I keep hearing that too,” Feldman said of Strong having interest in Miami. “I’ve heard that from multiple sources now, one of them who is pretty close to Charlie Strong, saying he would have interest and that came a day before Charlie Strong got asked about it at Texas and he said “I have the best job in college football right now.” That may be true, he may have, as the Texas head coach — paid a lot of money, big resources… That doesn’t mean it’s the best job or the best situation for Charlie Strong and his family. Could UM pay as much as he’s making now? I think that’s a real stretch to think that… Can they pay him as much as he’s making or in the ballpark of it?

“The other question now I think that comes up is Charlie Strong may be 4-8 this year after a pretty bad season last year. Is Miami convinced he’s gonna be the guy?”

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