LeBron James is the only human to our knowledge to escape Cleveland for South Beach and return back to Cleveland.

The Cleveland Cavaliers were still in first place in the East after a two-game losing streak before last night’s win against Milwaukee but the man sounded like a lost soul, oozing with regret when comparing his Miami teammates with the ones he has in Cleveland.

“I think being in Miami, the best thing about our team in Miami was that you could say whatever you wanted to say, when you wanted to say it right then and there and nobody took it personal. Maybe be mad that guy for a few days or whatever the case may be but it never affected what we did on the floor. We only had one common goal and that was to win. That’s all that mattered. So when you realize stuff like that, when you realize that it’s not about you, it’s never about you, it’s about the big picture.”

Sounds like LeBron James needs another Miami vacation…