It’s been an unsettling week for the few Miami Marlins fans still at large, with superstar pitcher Jose Fernandez reportedly on the trading block.

Sirius XM radio host Craig Mish, the man behind the initial report, is not backing down, saying today that “multiple teams have already spoken to the Marlins about Jose Fernandez.”

“Certainly something could change and the Marlins have been very quick to respond to issues that have happened and they’ve changed their minds and nothing is ever 100-percent,” Mish said on Izzy and Ethan on 790 The Ticket.  “But I am still firmly behind the belief that before it’s all said and done, before Opening Day I think he’ll be somewhere else.”

Mish thinks the decision to trade a young, rising superstar has more to do with risk/reward on the field than Fernandez’s attitude.

Asked to give a percentage chance that Jose Fernandez is the starter on Opening Day and Mish threw out “25 percent.”