That sound you hear is the national media collectively groaning over the thought of Miami Heat fans remaining committed to an organization that has bounced back after losing the best basketball player in the world over a year ago.

Saturday’s game against the Sixers — besides playing potential nightmare for over three quarters — was the 206th consecutive regular-season sellout at American Airlines Arena, which began with LeBron’s first game of the 2010-11 season, notes the Miami Herald.

Ticket of America’s Lipman said the Heat helped ensure strong premium seat sales by cutting prices this season.

What’s more, Heat games in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale TV market are averaging a 5.1 rating on Fox Sports Sun (a bit ahead of the 5.0 average last season) and 5.7 overall, when ESPN’s Heat ratings are factored in.

The heat ranks fourth in local TV viewing, behind only Cleveland, San Antonio and Oklahoma City.

Meanwhile, as the Heat is thriving the Dolphins are stumbling in local television ratings, ranking worst in the country for markets with one NFL team.

Basketball town?

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