The Butch Davis rumors are heating up…

so I decided to do a quick blurb on him.

The highlight is I think this is a safe hire, but not the slam dunk some people think it is. There are concerns here.

On the negative side of the ledger are two main things:

  1. He’s been out of coaching for five years.
  2. He has had one good season in his 10 years of college coaching.

I don’t think we even need to consider the UNC academic scandal. If it is actually something that sticks to him, UM won’t go near him. They would have not have interviewed him. So we can assume that they got some sort of all clear from the NCAA.

To the two points. The first is a fact, a negative, and there are really no qualifiers there. It is what it is.

But his record needs context. His tenure at Miami was clouded by a scandal he had nothing to do with and directly impacted his record. And he should have had a shot at the national championship in 2000, but was BCSed.

His leaving is a mixed bag. I don’t care that he left. I want ambitious people working at our program. He found an NFL opportunity and took it. But what we were cheated out of was seeing how he would sustain the program, whether we would have won multiple National Championships, whether it would have turned into what Alabama has become. That is the great unknown. That he deserves substantial credit for Larry Coker’s championship is beyond question. He assembled the greatest amount of talent that ever existed.

But if the plan is for him to replicate that level of recruiting success, then the plan is fool’s gold. No one ever did that before Butch and no one is likely to ever do that again. What Butch did manage to prove at UNC, however, is that he can still recruit, long after he left Miami. He landed top recruits there, and can do so at Miami again. It won’t be 2000-02 again in terms of talent, but recruiting will be a strength.

The reason I called him a safe hire at the top is because of what excites me about this hire:

  1. He will attract really good assistant coaches. His staff at Miami was amazing, and he has connections everywhere. It will be a night and day difference.
  2. He will play Miami football. The defense will attack, the offense will know how to run the football. We can move on from Golden’s de-Miamification process.

Butch, in his last stop, turned UNC into a consistent 8-5 program. If that Butch shows up, we’re in trouble. But Miami’s ceiling is much higher, he knows how to find the Miami athlete and install systems that take advantage of the Miami athlete.

I would definitely be fine with this hire, but would certainly hope Miami conducts a more thorough search beyond just this.

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