The polarization of Ryan Tannehill continues its march through South Florida after the Miami Dolphins suffered another intra-division blowout to the New York Jets yesterday.

The latest is Miami Herald Dolphins reporter Adam Beasley and his blatant dismay of the Dolphins quarterback. In a recap (paywall) of yesterday’s game, which typically stays in the zone of objectivity, Beasley dropped in the below vitriolic opinion in between a Tannehill postgame quote:

“said quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who is much better at compiling empty statistics than he is at leading his teams to wins.”

The takes of fire continued to pour out of Beasley Monday morning on Twitter after offensive coordinator Bill Lazor was relieved of his duties.

Beasley tweets Tannehill got three coaches fired… Sherman TWICE (at Texas A&M and as Dolphins OC).

I get Twitter can be the Wild Wild West, where journalistic integrity gets thrown before a flamethrower but my goodness.

Has Tannehill been great this season after an offseason caused many in both the local and national media to appoint him as the NFL’s next great QB? Nope. But guess what? Football is a game off 11 per side and his teammates haven’t fared much better. His line is better suited for pillow fights, his coaches regularly don’t put him in the best position to succeed and his defense — once thought to feature a dominating front — features two studs (Ndamukong Suh and Reshad Jones) and not much else. On an island, Tannehill is probably somewhere between slightly above and slightly below average. Much of the league has worse.

To single out Tannehill as the reason three coaches were fired is the type of simplistic asininity that is to be expected from someone like Skip Bayless or Stephen A. Smith. Not Beasley.

I’ve met Beasley before and he seems like a good, nice guy. But these Tannehill takes are so scorching they’re burning a hole through my computer. They’re a TAD off-base coming from a Dolphins beat writer.

Then again trolls are multiplying like pre-gremlins hitting water and it’s incredibly tough to tell who’s being real anymore.

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