The legend of Chris Andersen continues to swell despite logging just 17 minutes on the season.

The man known as much for his quirky media interactions as his tattooed frame swatting balls into the seats is at it again. This time he was toying with the Boston media in advance of Monday’s Celtics-Heat game.

In an article posted on Mass Live primarily about could-have-been Celtic Justise Winslow, Birdman didn’t disappoint when he was asked how many first-rounders he would’ve traded to acquire the rookie.

Remember, the Celtics offered FOUR to move up to Charlotte’s slot at No. 9 overall and leapfrog the Heat to draft the former Duke Blue Devil. They failed because of Michael Jordan’s thirst for Frank Kaminsky…

So how many first-round picks is Winslow worth? The question was initially posed to the rookie, but he deferred to a veteran teammate. Chris “Birdman” Anderson was listening to the interview while combing his beard.

In between strokes, Anderson chimed in, “Five.”

Winslow looked up, smiled and let the answer stand for him, too.

“In between” beard strokes. They can’t possibly trade Birdman with anecdotes of this magnitude coming out on the regular.