It appears Saints coach Sean Payton could be the move for the Miami Dolphins after the season from hell, judging from comments made by Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole when talking about how to sell this team going forward.

“You get a high-profile guy who has Bill Parcells connections, that everybody knows, has won Super Bowls in the past and you make a trade for Sean Payton,” Cole said on WQAM’s Big O Show on Tuesday. “This is a ready-made deal. There’s a very good chance of it. Now I think the preference would be to end up in Indianapolis with Andrew Luck but I think the tea leaves point towards him probably ending up in Miami more likely.

“I think he’ll be able to work with [Mike] Tannenbaum who was a Parcells disciple who’s probably gonna give you free reign to run the personnel side of it, run the organization the way you want to do it.

For Stephen Ross, Cole says “you’ve got a championship-level coach that people can get excited about. If anybody’s gonna turn Ryan Tannehill into a great quarterback, it’s gonna be Sean Payton.”

The issue with Payton is his contract is not up this summer and the Saints would likely have to be compensated. How high of a draft pick would we be talking about here? There’s also the discussion of how much of an impact Payton had on the Saints during the good times with a stud like Drew Brees in place at quarterback.

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