So Brandon Marshall did something foolish again, this time deciding to compare himself and NFL journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick to Dwyane Wade and LeBron James (Miami Heat version) after the Jets’ come-from-behind overtime win over the Giants yesterday.

BUT immediately after saying those hollow words, he threw out a “And I am not comparing us to Wade and LeBron.”

That’s exactly what you did, Brandon. And it’s insanity.

“That is typical Fitzpatrick, game is on the line, he is going to do something to take over,” said Marshall, who repeatedly praised Fitzpatrick. “It is almost like a basketball player in the clutch. Cam Newton does it. It is like, ‘Hey, I am not going to throw the ball; I am going to get those guys running downfield, open it up and I am going to take off.’ Typical Fitz. I get [ticked] off a little bit because I want the ball [too]. I want the final shot. It is almost like, I don’t want to say that because it will be a headline.

“But back in the day, do you remember when Wade and LeBron first got together, and they were like, who is going to take the final shot? I always want the final shot, but I know Fitz is going to try to take it. And I am not comparing us to Wade and LeBron.”

You can tell someone “no offense, but you look fat” and the person is still gonna take offense to that statement.

Marshall, a talented but notable whiner and quarterback destroyer, is on some next-level shit to be putting his name along with an average QB like Fitzpatrick in the same realm of James and Wade in their prime. He’s lost his damn mind.

Marshall should stick to quarterback speak. Say nothing. Ever.

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