What’s the latest with the Miami DolphinsSean Payton and/or Drew Brees?

“Forget about the quarterback change –the Dolphins have $19 million a year tied up in Ryan Tannehill,” ESPN’s John Clayton said on 790 the Ticket this morning. “He’s gonna be the quarterback. There’s no question about that and clearly there’s not gonna be a trade for an aging quarterback, and one that’s very good but is showing a little bit of decline. Now as far as the Sean Payton thing, I mean I think that he will listen although I think that the problem is he will end up staying in New Orleans because I don’t think he can find a situation that gives him as much power as he has now but you know that Bill Parcells is gonna be working behind the scenes.

“He’s gonna help Stephen Ross and he’s gonna try to present some kind of Sean Payton option but I don’t know if that option is going to give as much power in Miami that Sean Payton has now… I’d say the odds are against it.”

This comes days after a Miami Herald reporter advised for the trading of Tannehill and not one but two first-rounders to the Saints for a package of Payton and Brees.

The Payton flirtation reeks of the Harbaugh Chase. Who in their right mind would want to coach the Miami Dolphins anyway? And should the Dolphins be so hot for a coach that hasn’t exactly been pumping out a great product in recent years?

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