Miko Grimes, the wife of Miami Dolphins cornerback Brent Grimes, unleashed another expletive-filled and highly inappropriate rant on Twitter today, this time targeting some members of the local media along with quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

It appears the trigger amid another abysmal performance by the Dolphins against a Colts team trotting out their No. 3 quarterback was the Miami Herald’s Adam Beasley making a rightfully critical observation after Brent didn’t capitalize on an opportunity for an early interception.


She then widened her scope to the “Triple A’s” — Beasley and Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, along with Andrew Abramson of the Palm Beach Post.

Apparently you’re not allowed to be critical of the Dolphins’ defense because her husband plays on that side of the ball, of course. Never mind that the defense has been just as putrid as the offense this season, currently ranking 28th in Football Outsider’s overall defensive efficiency metric. Never mind that her husband, while once an elite corner, has had a rough season and appears to be on the downswing.

This team stinks — in every phase.


She couldn’t be more wrong.

All three of her “Triple A’s” have been critical of Tannehill in the past, especially Beasley, which we noted on here for being a tad extreme. Miko refuses to look at the whole picture or just enjoys talking tremendous amounts of shit — it’s likely a combination of both.


So the wife of a Dolphins player just told three media members to have sex with a man who is HIV positive. Classy!


I did not know what a “fuck boy” was so naturally Urban Dictionary had to help me out.




The Tannehill tweet wasn’t a big deal on the cusp, as we all have had our doubts about the most polarizing player in Miami sports. But for it to come from the wife of one of his teammates, it’s an unnecessary distraction. There’s zero potential benefit. Say what you want to your husband, friends and family. But why on earth tweet it?

It’s not just Twitter, either — she was arrested after an incident before a Dolphins game earlier in the season, though the charges were later dropped due to “irreconcilable differences in witness testimony.” She was fired from her radio gig at WQAM shortly after that incident.

Full disclosure: I’ve met Miko before and she was nothing but kind. But I have a problem with her going after people — good people — in such disgusting spite for simply doing their jobs. The Magic Johnson tweet was especially nauseating.

My question: With Brent no longer the player he once was (and it was bound to happen at some point after an excellent career), is his future with with the Dolphins bleaker because of the constant public distraction created by his wife? His cap number is $9.5 million next year…




And this one — GOOD LORD.