Miko Grimes went off last night, spewing a classless Twitter rant aimed at the local media and Ryan Tannehill. The morning after and it’s still getting more pub than the Dolphins’ latest gut-punching loss to the Colts

Omar Kelly, her former cohost with WQAM, says Miko doesn’t do anything without her spouse’s approval, which is rather interesting because as Armando Salguero pointed out last night, the team has had to talk to him about his wife on at least FIVE separate occasions.

“Understand that — and I don’t want to get into their personal business — Miko doesn’t do anything that Brent doesn’t give her the OK to,” Kelly said on the Joe Rose Show. “They are their own individual people but Brent has got to okay it.

“I’ve got love for Miko and I don’t try to tell her what to do because I’ve been dealing with Miko for so long and in so many situations while her antics I do not agree with. The things that she said, the Magic Johnson thing, crosses the line but she’s usually in her initial instincts super sharp.”


With Grimes turning 33 this summer and holding a $9.5 million cap hit for next year, one has to wonder whether his wife is severely hampering his job outlook.

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