Miko Grimes stirred up quite the ruckus this week on Miami sports radio, with her comments about local reporters and Ryan Tannehill. How would the Sun Sentinel’s Dave Hyde handle her husband’s future in Miami if made Miami Dolphins GM?

“I’d say Goodbye to Brent Grimes,” Dave Hyde said on WQAM’s Joe Rose Show. “First of all, he’s not the player he was, unfortunately. Look, age caught him. Age caught him at the end of last year in the last month and it really caught him this year. He’s still a good cornerback but you can’t keep having issues like this. It’s embarrassing to the franchise. It’s embarrassing to the players. It’s embarrassing for [Ryan] Tannehill to have to answer to stuff like this.”

Uh oh. Miko might have to amend her ‘Triple As’ moniker. Dave starts with a “D.”

“You’re gonna need [two cornerbacks] regardless,” Hyde said. “Brent Grimes is gonna be 33 next year. You’re gonna have to get a couple cornerbacks no matter what and who knows how he will react to taking a pay cut. He’s due what $9 million. He’s gonna have to take a pay cut.

It’s a tricky situation for a team built like swiss cheese. Will Sunday be Brent’s last game in the teal and orange?

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