Dan Le Batard may not live to see the National Championship game next week after creating quite the controversy this morning on his ESPN radio show, talking down on the original Star Wars trilogy.

“I doubt the original holds up at all,” Le Batard said. “1976. I’ve got to think — it looks like spaceships on strings, right? Am I wrong? ”

Yes. The people have spoken.


In fact, those¬†25 percent should be beaten. This poll should read a 95-5 split minimum. You kiddin’ me?

“The original Star Wars can’t hold up,” Le Batard went on. “Am I wrong?

You think I’m gonna get the Star Wars people mad at me because I say it doesn’t hold up? But I feel like I can say this almost as an absolute. What movies from the ’70s hold up? How many movies from the ’70s are gonna hold up?”

Well, the Star Wars trilogy to name three. How about the Godfather? Jaws. The Godfather Part II. Alien. Rocky. Animal House. Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Grease. Dog Day Afternoon. Blazing Saddles.

The list goes on.

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