Adam Gase has been linked to the Miami Dolphins‘ head coaching gig and local writers can’t seem to understand it. The Bears’ offensive coordinator is also apparently Stephen Ross’ favorite candidate.

Adam Gase, the hot quote-on-quote coordinator — I can’t really understand why he’s so hot — is in town today, who’s being interviewed today,” the Sun Sentinel’s Omar Kelly said on Hochman Crowder and Krantz on WQAM. “They obviously like Adam Gase. The media circus surrounding Adam Gase is just so drastically intense because [insert sarcastic tone] he’s been such an accomplished coach turning Jay Cutler from an average quarterback to an average quarterback, helping Peyton Manning, one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, run his own offense. I hope you sense my cynical tone to this Adam Gase thing.”

Kelly says the buzz has a lot to do with the relationship between agents and the media.

“The matrix machine has made Adam Gase such a hot candidate and he was a hot one last year — they were trying to force him down people’s throat last year. Considering he coaches Peyton Manning. Okay, how hard can that be?

“He’s being forced down everybody’s throat as if he’s the next great guru.”

Kelly’s pick? The Bengals’ Hue Jackson and potentially Marvin Lewis, to name a couple, if the latter gets fired. Jeff Darlington also named Jackson as a good fit.

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