Donald Trump’s face by DonkeyHotey via Flickr/Original by Michael Vadon via Wikimedia Commons

Can you imagine a world where Rick Scott is your governor and Donald Trump is your president? Floridian, why are you thrusting your skull into the wall?

Rick Scott, Florida’s blind-ass governor who chooses to ignore climate change while simultaneously “leading” the state that could be half underwater in the not-too-distant future, wrote an editorial in the USA Today likening himself to the Donald and essentially endorsing him as our next president.

Among the highlights?

I know Donald Trump personally, and while I currently have no plans to endorse a candidate before Florida’s March presidential primary, there is no doubt that Donald is a man who speaks and tweets his mind freely…

He’s not wrong there. How about a Trump tweetcap?

More Scott:

But I don’t think [Trump’s] ability to give the most interesting interviews or speeches is the only thing that has him leading in the polls. I think he is capturing the frustration of many Americans after seven years of President Obama’s very intentional government takeover of the U.S. economy.

Scott: Obama is a communist.

Trump: We need global warming.