Adam Zucker, the CBS football host who once said Al Golden needed more time the day before Clemson’s crushed Miami 58-0, said more bizarre things on the radio this morning in analyzing Mark Richt joining the Miami Hurricanes.

“I’m glad they’re getting a guy with University [of Miami] roots,” Zucker said on WQAM’s Joe Rose Show. “The hire of Manny Diaz seems pretty essential to me the other day. That was a strong move because of local ties. Last time I even dared to go down this road with you I got into some trouble.”

And he’s about to get into more trouble because Canes Twitter does not mess around.

“I think they’re getting a guy who is a winner and I like Mark Richt but you’re not getting like the pop you might’ve wanted out of that hire. You’re kind of getting a better Al Golden in terms of personality and he gets a lot of wins but there’s always something missing often times. Like a conference championship. They come so close or they win the SEC but they took a weird loss to Clemson at the beginning of the year… like the loss to Georgia Tech two years ago. I think it’s a good hire but I’m wondering how is it received there.”


Calling Mark Richt a “better Al Golden” is like saying Micky Arison is a better Jeffrey Loria. Or Sofia Vergara is a better Kim Kardashian. Or Denzel Washington is a better Marlon Wayans.

“For those who wanted some of that swagger, I’m not sure he’s a swagger guy,” Zucker continued. “He kind of keeps it straight-forward.”

Yikes. Adam Zucker is quickly becoming the Brian Windhorst of Miami Hurricanes coverage in terms of despised members of the national media. Here’s his Twitter if you want to go yell at him.

Listen around the seven-minute mark