If former Miami Dolphins coach Joe Philbin had his way the team would’ve drafted quarterback Derek Carr in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft to eventually replace — or at least compete with — incumbent Ryan Tannehill.

The nugget was dropped by the Miami Herald’s Armando Salguero, one of Miko Grimes’ infamous Triple A’s. The Dolphins, however, decided to draft offensive tackle Ja’wuan James, a decision made by Dennis Hickey.

Joe Philbin wanted the Dolphins to draft Derek Carr in the first round instead of James.

Dennis Hickey went with the offensive lineman, as was his power to do. And he picked Jarvis Landry in the second round. The Dolphins made improvement to positions around Tannehill to make him better rather than replace him like Philbin wanted.

One could make the argument that Carr has a higher ceiling because he only has two years of experience to Tannehill’s four, but the Dolphins’ QB compares favorably, via ESPN’s QBR metric.












However, Tannehill’s average QBR over his first two seasons (45.5) was very close to Carr’s 43.5. Not that this is the perfect metric in comparing quarterbacks — there is none — but it’s probably the best we have.

It’s impossible to say whether the Dolphins would’ve won more games after drafting Carr, but it’s a fascinating wrinkle as we wrap up the Philbin Era and toss it into another Dolphins dumpster of perpetual mediocrity. At the very least it would’ve provided Tannehill with some serious competition and pressure.

Even if Tannehill is a part of Adam Gase’s plan going forward, this team would be foolish not to draft a quarterback in the early rounds this year.