Many think part of Adam Gase‘s allure to the Miami Dolphins was selling the franchise on helping develop enigmatic quarterback Ryan Tannehill. However, the Sun Sentinel’s Omar Kelly doesn’t think Gase is sold on Miami’s starting QB of the last four seasons based off his initial press conference.

“I didn’t get that impression from his press conference,” Kelly said on the Joe Rose Show. “Maybe he said something differently in private. Usually guys come out and they give Ryan, the starting quarterback — they shine him up a little bit… That’s not what this guy said.

“He didn’t say Ryan was super talented or Ryan is my guy or we’re gonna win and lose [by him]. I don’t think he really sold himself as I’m gonna help polish up Ryan. I think this guy is probably going to select his own quarterback as well and help develop that guy and help Ryan clean up his game and see which one they can win with moving forward. I did not get the impression that he was all-in and all aboard on Ryan Tannehill.”

Or Gase truly isn’t familiar enough with Tannehill to have an educated opinion of him and knows his GM could select another passer in the draft so why say anything more or less than neutral on Day 1?