In pointing out the coach and general manager aren’t likely to “fix” anything regarding the smelly Miami Dolphins after the team hired Adam Gase, that “very little” of coaching and drafting in the NFL is based on ability, ESPN host Dan Le Batard made an interesting comment likening DeVante Parker to former Dolphins wideout Mike Wallace.

“Look he had a couple of catches,” Le Batard said as Stugotz and Mike Ryan praised Wallace’s final third of the season. “He looks big. I don’t know about really, really good.

“He made a couple of plays. You took this guy higher than anyone took Randy Moss… You took this guy this high and he’s got to be someone who’s hugely special.”

Parker’s last six games prorated over a full season equate to 59 receptions, 1,187 yards and 8 touchdowns while averaging 20.0 yards per catch. Upon hearing the numbers, Le Batard still wasn’t that impressed.

“That’s Mike Wallace before he came here.”

While Wallace finished with a mere 836 yards his last year with the Pittsburgh Steelers his numbers the year before were similar to Parker’s prorated season — 72 receptions, 1,193 yards and 8 touchdowns.

You still have to like DeVante’s upside. He looks like he’s a much more natural receiver with a much higher ceiling than the one-trick Wallace. Now whether he’s an Odell Beckham-type talent is highly dubious.

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