The question of the season for the Miami Heat outside of whether the team, as currently constructed, can compete for an Eastern Conference title is whether Hassan Whiteside deserves max money this summer.

“Yes and Pat Riley will,” said Omar Kelly (who covers the Miami Dolphins for the Sun Sentinel) on Hochman Crowder and Krantz. “I covered Pat Riley and he believes in assets and chips and Hassan Whiteside is a major asset and chip. You just sign him to the max contract. It doesn’t necessarily mean he’s gonna play out the max contract here as a Heat player. You could eventually trade him for another max contract. Say you want to trade him for Carmelo Anthony. That’s how Pat Riley thinks and works.”

What Omar failed to point out is cap space is an asset. The question is whether that cap space or Hassan is more valuable to the Heat going forward.

One thing is a certainty — the “STICK TO FOOTBALL” tweets have been prepared for launch at Omar Kelly.