“I respect Erik Spoelstra,” ESPN’s Mike Wallace said on Hochman, Crowder and Krantz. “I’ve also been very critical of him. I call him out when he needs to be called out and I give him credit when credit is due. But you cannot tell me that Gregg Popovich wouldn’t be getting more out of this roster than Erik Spoelstra’s getting. You can’t tell me that Brad Stevens wouldn’t be getting out more out of this roster.

“And the reason why is because Erik has some longstanding loyalties to the one guy he just cannot seem to control or convince and that’s Dwyane Wade. That’s the elephant in the room. That relationship goes back so far. Gregg Popovich would not mind benching Tim Duncan and saying, “you suck tonight, you’re not gonna play.” And Tim would just have to take it because that’s just the way Popovich is. Erik Spoelstra can’t control Dwyane Wade in that sense and I’m not saying there’s animosity there but that is an issue with this team moving forward…”

As Josh wrote earlier, it’s time for Dwyane Wade to “adapt or die” as his career winds down. Should Spo be held accountable for that?

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