The Miami Heat dropped a spot in Forbes annual valuation of NBA franchises, coming in at 10th at $1.3 billion with a revenue of $180 million last year.

See how the team’s ranking compares to the last two years:

2016: 10th ($1.3 billion)

2015: 9th ($1.175 billion)

2014: 7th ($770 million)

The New York Knicks reclaimed the top spot from the Los Angeles Lakers after a whopping $3 billion valuation despite the franchise’s inability to return to prominence on the court.

Miami has two of the 10 highest paid players in the league this season in Chris Bosh (22.2 million) and Dwyane Wade ($20 million), ranking sixth and 10th, respectively.

Micky Arison’s father, Ted, purchased the team for $33 million in 1988, meaning the franchise is estimated to be worth nearly 40 times as much today. Think about that next time the team’s luxury tax is brought up.