LeBron James and Brian Windhorst don’t appear to have the same fruitful relationship they once had.

With the ESPN reporter covering the planet’s most imposing player since his high school days, he had to have been a bit irked LeBron gave his “I’m Coming Home’ scoop to Sports Illustrated. Someone even made an incredible cartoonized satire about the two in December.

In joining the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz, Windhorst was asked to answer some quick-hitting questions after writing about how David Blatt’s firing was tied to James.

Le Batard: “Yes or no, LeBron James is passive aggressive.”

Windhorst: “Absolutely.”

Le Batard: “Ten seconds or less, this is the laziest LeBron James we’ve seen on the court.”

Windhorst: “Defensively, the laziest since he was like 18, yes.”

Le Batard: “What the hell happened to LeBron’s jump shot?”

Windhorst: “If you look at the numbers he’s actually gotten better over the last month but he’s obviously having the worst shooting season since he was like 18, yes.”

The tables have turned for Windy and LeBron. Listen to the full interview on ESPN.