The NBA’s best reporter on the planet reflected on LeBron James’ tenure with the Miami Heat after all this talk about coach killing in Cleveland.

“I just think that when LeBron went back to Cleveland this is what he wanted — he wanted autonomy back,” Yahoo Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski said on the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz. “Part of the reasons he went to Miami and part of what attracted him to Miami is he needed what they had.

“He needed the structure and he needed Pat Riley and he didn’t know as much about Erik Spoelstra. And in the end Erik Spoelstra was the best thing that ever happened to LeBron James’ career. He grew as a player. He grew as a leader. He became a more complete player. Defensively, they got him out of a lot of bad habits and made him certainly an elite defender night in and night out and offensively they got him down in the post, which he at first resisted. And his game expanded and he won two championships. But at the end in Miami, the things that he went there for now I think he felt he wanted to have more ownership of the whole place and you’re not gonna have that with Micky Arison and Pat Riley.”