Carmelo Anthony isn’t a great fit with the New York Knicks anymore.

A 12-year veteran, his best days are in the rearview while his franchise rebuilds around tantalizing rookie Kristaps Porzingis. Even if they were to sneak in the playoffs, the odds would be heavy on a first-round exit.

So when ESPN Insider ran a piece featuring five NBA experts debating the state of the Knicks, naturally trading Melo came up. Both Chad Ford and Kevin Pelton painted a scenario to Miami for a package around rookie Justise Winslow.

Ford: I’ve previously made the case for Miami as a destination. If the Knicks could get Justise Winslow from the Heat, I think they’d have to consider it strongly…

Pelton: I’d love a swap with Miami centered around Winslow. A small frontcourt of Winslow and Porzingis would give the Knicks a quickness advantage on virtually any opponent and Porzingis’ shooting ability would help compensate for Winslow’s biggest weakness.

I can certainly understand why shedding Melo and a contract that is expected to pay him $100 million-plus over the next four seasons for a talented rookie who’s already among the league’s best perimeter defenders would be appealing to the Knicks. What I cannot fathom is how this deal is even plausible, considering it doesn’t help Miami suddenly morph into a contender.

Here’s an example of what this abomination would look like:

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 6.18.47 PM

And here are obvious reasons why Miami would not pull the trigger:

  • Anthony needs the ball in his hands to make an impact. Ditto for Dwyane Wade and Goran Dragic, with the latter already being underutilized.
  • Winslow is Miami’s best perimeter defender. The Knicks’ defense is better with Melo off the court.
  • Miami’s biggest weakness is shooting. Melo is a 34-percent shooter from three for his career.
  • Anthony should make over TEN times as much as Winslow over the next four years. Winslow’s average salary is $2.4 million a year while Anthony’s average salary is $25 million a year.
  • Miami desires cap space this summer. Melo’s fat salary would filet said cap space.

Ford and Pelton, please stop. We’re asking kindly.