Drunk Floridians, be careful what you say to your next Uber driver because Patrick McDonald was arrested in Bradenton and charged with aggravated assault after allegedly pulling a gun on his customer.

A Florida Man named Shane Fabry thought he might throw up in the Lexus LS so the driver pulled over and told him to get out and “not to throw up in his $75,000 car.” Fabry said he was feeling better but McDonald attempted to drag him out of his car. Tempers elevated and the driver pulled a semi-automatic handgun out of the car and pointed it at his customer. Here’s where things got weird, per Gossip Extra.

Deputies said McDonald “admitted to grabbing the gun out of the car but denied pointing it and advised he only grabbed it because he was in fear for his life. When asked how exactly he was in fear he said because they were talking about ‘sticking dicks in his ear.’

What unpleasant imagery.