Dan Marino used to possess every major passing record in the NFL record books.

Then rules shifted.

Wideouts had more space to operate down the field and breathing too hard on quarterbacks now results in a penalty. So how many passing yards would Marino have racked up if he was playing in today’s NFL?

“Because I don’t have to play I probably could’ve thrown for 100,000 yards,” Marino said in jest on the Joe Rose Show. “I don’t have to prove myself anymore. It’s great.

“It’s nice to have the records, though, when you had them and they break them and that’s the way it is.”

Marino is still third in passing yards (61,361) behind Peyton Manning (71,940) and Brett Favre (71,838) but will likely soon be passed by Drew Brees (60,903) and Tom Brady (58,028). He ranks fifth all-time in touchdowns with 420.

For Marino to hit 100,000 yards in today’s NFL, assuming he’d play the same 242 games, he’d have to average just over 413 yards per game. With no running game and a gunslinger mentality, is it crazy to think it would’ve been feasible?