Hope is steadily rising in Coral Cables with the install of the Mark Richt Era, but that hasn’t stopped a former player taking a swipe at the inept defenses during the Al Golden/Mark D’Onofrio days, via the Miami Herald:

Ex-UM defensive tackle Michael Wyche was the latest to vent this week about the former staff’s “bum ass defensive” scheme.

As for the new defense, we’ll have to wait over half a year to see the product, but the early talk from the new coaching staff is music to Miami fans’ ears.

“Historically, when you think Miami football, you think speed,” Diaz told me, after his group interview was completed. “[It’s] what Jimmy Johnson revolutionized way back when — we’re going to be undersized on defense, but we can fly and run and hit. To fly and run and hit, you have to play an aggressive style of defense. If you’re big, then you can hold point and you can absorb. This isn’t advanced physics. The smaller you are, the faster you have to play…

“Who doesn’t want to attack? It almost sounds cliché,” Diaz said. “There’s a running joke. Every new defensive coordinator you hire says, ‘We’re going to be more aggressive than the last guy.’

Manny Diaz, Miami’s new defensive coordinator, said it best with the “this isn’t advanced physics” quip — unless you’re Golden and D’Onofrio. With the strength of South Florida athletes based more on speed than size, it’s about damn time we revert back to the swarming defenses that brought the Miami Hurricanes championship glory.

The problem is it might take some time to reprogram the players who had to endure those stinky read-and-react schemes.