Delmon Young might’ve just stuck a fork in his Major League Baseball career, with the free agent outfielder going ballistic outside the Viceroy Hotel and Icon in Brickell on Sunday night.

After being denied entrance to Club 50, the nine-year veteran who resides in the building allegedly grabbed a valet attendant by the neck and threatened to kill him, while injecting a heavy dose of racial slurs, per Andy Slater:

“Stupid Cuban, open the f–king door,” Young allegedly told the victim. After repeatedly telling Young he couldn’t open the door because the club was closed, Young said “I’m gonna f–king kill you, you Latin piece of sh-t” and then reached over the valet podium and grabbed the victim around his neck with both hands, strangling him, the police report states.

Young then left the scene to his residence, later opening the door for police while wearing nothing from the waist down. Before getting arrested, he allegedly told a cop, “I’ll slap you in the face with money you fucking Cuban.”

This is not Young’s first rodeo exhibiting symptoms of a racist loser. He pleaded guilty in 2013 to harassment after tackling a man wearing a kippah before screaming: “You bunch of fucking Jews!”

Delmon Young is pond scum.

He should not only be kicked out of baseball but should also be forced to live on the streets in Cuba wearing a sign around his neck revealing the racist hatred that has spewed from his filthy mouth. After a year of that, he should do the same in Israel regarding his earlier anti-semitic comments.

Remove this garbage from our city.