Stephen Ross has set an ultimatum for new coach Adam Gase: make the playoffs within three years or we’re finding another coach.

Moments before that, the misguided boss of the Miami Dolphins publicly declared his young coach the second coming of Bill Belichick, per the Palm Beach Post:

“Instead of getting a retread that really hasn’t had a great track record as head coach, I was looking for somebody that really could be the next, if you will, Bill Belichick, Bill Parcells, you know, really great head coach, and I think we got one,” Ross said Monday morning during a speech to the Palm Beach Civic Association.

Ross praised Gase’s intelligence and work ethic, but he also said the former offensive coordinator of the Chicago Bears has only three seasons to win.

“After three years, if we haven’t made the playoffs, we’re looking for a new coach,” Ross said. “That’s just the way it is. The fans want it.”

This is the same man who not only put his 6-10 Dolphins in the Super Bowl conversation before the season, but stepped on the Miami Heat’s face while doing so.

Why publicly give his coach coach an ultimatum? Why publicly add the pressure of becoming the next Belichick? Why does Ross ever open his mouth at all? Because when he does — as always — embarrassment ensues.

Ross is in dire need of a muzzle, but unfortunately there’s nobody higher up on the chain to give it to him.

Update (2/16): So judging from the full context, including the video of Ross’ comments that included the “ultimatum,” things might have been taken a bit out of context in regards to Gase having three years, as he was speaking more about NFL coaches in general. Still, Ross should be choosing his words more carefully.