CBS Sports’ Doug Gottlieb said some things today about Chris Bosh he’s probably already wishing he could take back.

“Barring the idea that he could die from this, obviously [you don’t want that],” Gottlieb said on his radio show Wednesday. “Kind of a good thing for the future of the Miami Heat. Am I crazy to think that? Remember he signed that ridiculous contract.

“I might be crazy to think this but short-term, awful news for Chris Bosh. Awful news for the Miami Heat. Long-term, this actually might start the house cleaning we all thought they might eventually go through.”

While I don’t think he had malicious intent with the “barring the idea that he could die from this” preface, it came off as disturbingly insensitive. The reports are that he has another blood clot and while the prognosis doesn’t appear to be life-threatening while the Heat is likely keeping the details under wraps until after the NBA Trade Deadline, the words should’ve never been said. A complete lapse in judgement.

As for the Bosh contract stuff, Gottlieb is essentially saying Bosh signed a crazy contract and his potential retirement would give the Heat an out. He couldn’t be more off-base. Even if Bosh retires before next season, the $23.7 million he’s due next year will still be on the books. After that, Bosh would still get paid another roughly $52 million over two years but it doesn’t count against the team’s cap number.

Dougy, devoting over $23 million to a player who won’t log a single minute in a salary cap world isn’t exactly a positive. What Gottlieb also fails to consider is the fact the NBA’s new TV deal is going to boost the salary cap to a projected $92 million, a drastic rise from the $70 million this season.

This will be a world where Dwight Howard can command a max contract starting at about $32 million a season, with players who have at least 10 years of experience capable of earning a maximum of 35 percent of the cap under the current CBA.

Considering there will be a limited supply of star players to go around this summer and an influx of cash for teams to spend, Howard’s probably going to get it, at least via a short-term deal. For a younger player like Hassan Whiteside, he’ll be able to sign a contract starting at $23 million per season. We’re talking stupid money, even for players nobody considers elite.

Again. Hassan Whiteside — $23 million.

Meanwhile, Bosh is the prototypical big in today’s game, capable of beating the defense from the 3-point line or attacking off the dribble with a quick first step.

A fun and startling fact: Bosh leads the NBA in efficiency on isolation plays, per Above Steph Curry and Kevin Durant.

Defensively, though, is where Bosh is most under appreciated. He doesn’t swat balls anywhere near the rate of his pogo-stick teammate in Whiteside, but shot-blocking does not a defender make. Bosh is an ace against the pick and roll, ranking third in the NBA in pick-and-role defense, with his man converting just 0.67 points per possession.

So pretending Bosh’s health isn’t an issue, I’d ask Mr. Gottlieb this: would he rather pay a declining, headache-causing Dwight Howard $32 million or a two-way selfless force like Chris Bosh $23 million?

Obviously the argument is moot because of Bosh’s current health issues. Our prayers are with Bosh, his family — and Gottlieb’s mouth.

You can listen to Gottlieb’s comments in the video at this link.