Many still think Lamar Miller was underutilized last season after the Miami Dolphins‘ back rushed 194 times for 872 yards while catching 47 balls.

That equates to 15 touches per contest, a bit low for Miller’s taste.

“Twenty-plus a game, that’s the number to get,” Miller said on the Joe Rose Show when asked about his ideal number of touches. “Twenty-plus catches and carries.”

He never complained to the coaches, though.

“I just left it alone. I’m more of a guy who just tries to take advantage of the opportunity once I get the ball in my hands. I just try to make plays for the team and this organization. I’m not really the type of person who goes upstairs and demands more carries or anything. I just try to take advantage of the opportunity.”

Considering Miller was effective when he did get the ball, one has to wonder whether he’ll be inclined to take his talents elsewhere in free agency. He has played in Miami his entire life but staying with the Dolphins will likely come down to how lucrative their offer is.