The NBA Trade Deadline came and went without the Miami Heat making any splashy moves, with Pat Riley opting to keep Hassan Whiteside and trim salary off the bottom of his roster to get out of luxury tax hell.

Yahoo Sports’ Marc Spears thinks the talented, enigmatic Heat center could draw some interest from the New Orleans Pelicans this summer to pair with Anthony Davis.

“He needs a guy that can be a grinder, get rebounds,” Spears said on the Big O Show. “Anthony’s not really a post guy — he’s kind of a perimeter guy now.

“Whiteside I’m sure is a guy the Pelicans might target next year in order to get to that next level with Anthony Davis… The one thing Whiteside has in his favor are guys like him are really really hard to find.”

If Kevin Durant and Al Horford get swiped off the board early, Miami might have no choice but to throw upwards of $20-22 million a year at Whiteside for the sake of stockpiling talent.

If he ends up joining the Pelicans, it’d give them one of the most fascinating big-man tandems in all of basketball and the league’s top two shot-blockers this season.