It’s shocking to learn the clean-cut, well-spoken Shane Battier modeled his game after an unlikely source: Dennis Rodman.

“Dennis Rodman. He was the glue guy,” the retired Battier said on the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz. Back when I was in Detroit, I was a huge bad boys fan. Huge. Huge. Huge. And whenever the worm was on the floor — obviously he was a great rebounder — but they just played better. Ironically I modeled my game after Dennis Rodman as a young child.

“That’s when he was the worm. When he was with the Bulls and the Lakers he was Dennis Rodman but I remember him as the worm. Those really, really good Pistons teams, he really did so much for those teams that nobody ever really noticed or gave him credit for.”

Fascinating because while Battier’s game at the NBA level might’ve been similar to Rodman in the “glue guy” sense, stylistically it was very different. The similarities end after their commitment and effectiveness defensively.

Rodman was a ferocious rebounder and defender but a highly limited player offensively. Battier developed into a two-way stretch four that raised the ceiling on the Miami Heat’s offense during their most recent championship run. Beyond basketball, they obviously couldn’t be more different.

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