Dwyane Wade is the toughest player Gilbert Arenas ever had to guard and might be a robot for playing this well into his 30s, according to an entertaining post last night on Arenas’ Instagram (below).

Arenas wrote a humbling tribute to Wade, saying his “defense couldn’t cash what my mouth decided to write” in reference to publicly talking smack about Wade’s shooting before the two squared off.

Wade proceeded to torch him after Arenas drew the defensive assignment.

Fun fact: Arenas was the first victim of the NBA’s Amnesty clause. This was not long after it became apparent he was harboring firearms in the Wizards’ locker room and his career spiraled toward oblivion. Also startling is the fact he’s only 34.

THE HARDEST PLAYER ive ever had to guard #Flash… My defense couldnt cash what my mouth decided to write….I was asked a question before A game.."how will you stop #Flash??"(dont know why they call him flash!! Im the fastest player in this league BUT imma just back up becuz he cant shoot) im pretty sure he took that personal..I wasnt to worried about my out burst,do to the fact I was the #pg so I guarded #keyondooling5 and #damonjones.. #LHughes guarded #Dwade..dont know why coach #Jordan subbed hughes and left me to guard #FlashDwade but it wasnt a pretty site… #wade score 8 str8 buckets with #3and1's in 4 mins…to be honest I wasnt disappointed in my #defense.. I was really more disappointed #DWade didnt want to use his words….(I was taught when ur angry USE ur words,guess he was taught little diff…hahaha…the only thing more embarrassing then being scored on EVERY time a player touched the ball is being #MonkeyDunked on and your coach calls a time out while ur still laying on floor #NoDontDoThistoME #NoGetBack? All I was thinking (why he call a #fulltimeOut and not a 30sec they about to show that dunk atleast 6times and 2in slowmo….what made the play worst is after the time out I was #SUBBED #awwdontDoMeLikeThisEddie just when I was about to say(the fck u taking me out for) they replayed the dunk in the arena and I had a #flashback of that 20 points in 4 mins…all I could say next was (anybody got any water or Gatorade ??) That was the LAST time I said anything about a player lmaoooo I learned my lesson the hard way..30 games against wade and im pretty sure he never missed while I was guarding him hahahahaha FYI I think wade is a #ROBOT..hes had the same knee issues as me and at 34 hes still dunking like he did when he was #23 #WTF I cant even touch the damn #backboard lmao 3rd best 2guard EVER #jordan #kobe #Dwade…I was blessed to see them all as a player #ballislife #dwade

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Here’s a highlight clip of the two going at each other in 2009.