Udonis Haslem, future tight end for the Miami Dolphins?

The 12-year NBA veteran who has spent his entire career with the Miami Heat joked about hanging up the high tops for the cleats in the near future on the Joe Rose Show this morning. The discussion began when Joe told U.D. how Larry Blustein raved about his former days as a tight end at Miami High.

“I joke about it ’cause I see some of the Dolphins guys come through the training facility at Bommarito’s and I told them, you know if I retire next year I’m gonna come out and play tight end for you guys,” Haslem said. “I just want to give it one year. I look at these guys that are doing it and I see all these ex-basketball players and I’m like why not?

“I only want to play goal line. I mean I grabbed a lot of rebounds with these hands though. If I can box you out on the goal line and I can get Tannehill to throw it up, we might have something special there… Listen you can count on me. When it goes up in the end zone and I box you out, it’s curtains. It’s curtains.”

In a 2011 interview with Dolphins reporter Andy Kent, Haslem was actually asked what position he’d play if he gave the NFL a shot and it wasn’t on offense.

Haslem: “I’d probably be a defensive end because I’m a defensive type of guy. I’d probably be a pass rusher but I like to get in on kicks a little bit, too. I played tight end in high school and the reason why I said I’d rather play defensive end is because I’d rather hit somebody than be the guy who’s getting hit all the time.”

Considering the 6-foot-7 Haslem has a reputation for being one of the baddest dudes in the Association, an enforcer if you will, it makes sense he’d want to be the one delivering the blows. He certainly has the mentality for it.