Greg Cote, Miami Herald sportswriter since the early 1900s, once penned a column in 1993 calling for the Miami Dolphins to trade legendary quarterback Dan Marino… while the eventual Hall of Famer was in his prime.

No satire here — this was indeed a thing written by the current Herald columnist and Dan Le Batard Show regular. It was revived by the Twitter account @OldTakesExposed in December and brought to our attention in a recent column in Sports Illustrated highlighting that account’s spectacular premise of exposing rotten sports takes in hindsight.

Yes, Greg Cote once called for the trading of No. 13 for a man who went on to appear on The Biggest Loser. Back in my day, we used to get a finger amputated for spitting such blasphemy.

We’ve pulled that article thanks to the magic of Google and pasted it in full below.

Warning: It’s so scorching, Skip Bayless would blush.

Trade Dan Marino Column Greg Cote

Cote called Mitchell “a budding star heading into his prime.”

While Marino obviously wasn’t quite the same transcendent gunslinger after that achilles injury he was still a stud for years, leading Miami to five more playoff appearances and three playoff wins. He would cement his legacy as the most iconic and dominant athlete in the history of Miami sports.

Fast-forward to the Dulphins today and they haven’t tasted the postseason since 2008 nor experienced a playoff victory since December 2000.

Mitchell would get his shot in Detroit a year later, tallying one standout season in 1995 (4,338 YDS, 32 TD, 12 INT) before reverting back into the journeyman quarterback he always was and ballooning to 366 pounds in retirement to rightfully earn his spot on NBC’s fat-loss show.

Cote has to be thankful the internet wasn’t really a thing back then. Can you imagine the outrage he would’ve received on Twitter, Facebook, and in the comments section? It’d be like calling for the trading of Dwyane Wade three seasons ago when he was still at the peak of his game.

If you want to go yell at Cote on Twitter for his abominable take written over 20 years ago click here.

Scott Mitchell on NBC's The Biggest Loser

Scott Mitchell on NBC’s The Biggest Loser