Joe Johnson is signing with the Miami Heat.

When Zach Lowe, Ethan Skolnick, and Adrian Wojnarowski collectively put their names on it it’s as good as a done deal.

Let’s rewind past all those misguided reports and feelings projecting Johnson to the Cleveland Cavaliers and laugh at them together in the form of Shaq GIFs.

Chris Haynes of, wrote the following back on February 19.

Should Johnson, 34, obtain a buyout of his $25 million salary for the season, Cleveland would be his next destination, sources with knowledge of the dialogue told

Up next we have former Nets reporter Tim Bontemps, who didn’t necessarily report Johnson to Cleveland but said he’d be “very surprised” if he wasn’t heading that way.

Next isn’t a jab at Marc Stein for reporting the Cavs have “strong confidence” in landing Johnson but at the Cavs’ “organization” itself, which we put in quotes because it’s the epitome of disfunction.

And we have this gem.

Aaron of ESPN Cleveland appears to be a bit mad…

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