The ACC team with the best chance of heading to the Final Four is the Miami Hurricanes, predicts ESPN college basketball analyst Craig Robinson.

The brother of Michelle Obama who coached for six seasons at Oregon State made his bold prognostication on First Take this morning.

“I like, in this case, Miami and that’s gonna surprise a few folks but it might be because I’ve seen them play quite a bit over the last couple of years and Coach Larranaga has got that team in great position,” Robinson said. “I think they have arguably the best trio of guards — with Angel Rodriguez, Sheldon McClellan, and then Ja’quan Newton, who would be starring on any other team…

“And then they’ve got Tonye Jekiri backing up the baseline there. I just think they have a lot of weapons that can take you far. In addition to the fact they’ll guard you too. They play a good two-three zone and a tough man-to-man.”

Ballsy pick but this year is even more up for grabs than usual and Jim Larranaga’s squad is loaded with experienced talent. Let’s just all look past the whooping North Carolina gave em last weekend, okay? Cool.